Can't parse single letter and single number json response


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I've an issue with a Json Response in Android. The json I'm getting is:

"latlng": [

and I should be getting something like this:

"latlng": {
     "address": "8, Bolivia",
     "lat": "-10.92968864676556",
     "lng": "-65.7861328125"

And looks like a big string with some "supposed" json objects with single letters and single numbers.

I can't find the way to parse this information with the most used json parsers for android.

I'm using the UTF-8 in Android when trying to parse it, but not change at all.

This is an issue server side? My client is using a wordpress site with WP JSON REST API but this info comes from a Theme with custom meta values and meta keys.

How could I parse this info in Android? Thanks in advance!


Please, check the full json response here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and don't post me "that not a json response" because it's a valid json response.