CAT mobile phone for rugged conditions


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Thought this phone was designed specially for you. Probably way too expensive as it has enormous specs, BUT it is:

Water proof - can also operate it when it is wet
Dust proof
Drop proof to 1.8 meters
16 hours battery life

It runs Android 4.1 Jellybean.

Just noticed there's a new one too although the older sounds a bit better to me - heard jellybean is preferred.



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NICE! I think I've seen these before - they're expensive for what you get hardware wise, but tough!

Panasonic used to make magnesium cased laptops - like tanks - shock absorbers on the hard drives, and a thick metal case - like a brief case. They were about 4x as expensive as a regular laptop with the same specs, as the screens were kind of sucky - but daylight viewable ... and low specs. Basically a laptop I could get for a grand was 4 grand for the toughbook and you couldn't get really modern internals.

I'd still find a way to destroy it - I'd end up jumping in the water to beach the boat with it in my pocket and submerge it in salt water ... I think they're rated for submersion to 3' though.


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@"maplayco" You haven't seen the abuse I put a phone through. One of them I was on a roof at the ridge, and I tried to pull it out of my pocket to take a pic and dropped it. That roof was a 12:12 - a 45 degree angle. It slid down the slope (shingle roof, it's like 20 grit sandpaper), hit the gutter, bounced out - dropped 2 stories and stuck in the mud like a chinese throwing star. Shockingly enough, it was fine other than being scraped up and I had to replace the film screen protector after wiping all the mud off of it. The buttons had some gritty gunk in them, but it worked.

Then about 2 weeks later I dropped it off a roof - same scenario - slid down, hit the gutter, bounced out and dropped one story - only this time it hit a concrete deck and bounced into the pool. It didn't survive that one.

Long before that I dropped one getting out of a car (it was in my lap) and when I got back in I drove off - then realized I didn't have my phone. I went back, and found it crushed - I had run it over backing out of the parking spot.

Then another one we were burning christmas trees in a big fire pit. We were drinking, and throwing trees on the fire watching them explosively catch fire ... and my phone was found half melted. It still kind of worked - I could make calls, but the housing had been melted, and the touch screen didn't work very well.

I can't tell you how many times I've dropped them because they were on my lap while driving, and I forgot and got out and BANG! or pulled them out of my pocket and they slipped out of my hand (I'm a klutz) ...

I average about 6 months before totally destroying a phone. I got a $500 nice android - and took out the insurance where they'd even replace it for water damage (I wouldn't have got one if they wouldn't insure it for EVERYTHING) ... I had that phone for 18 months. The second time they replaced it during that period they told me they weren't going to give me another replacement. (That's the one I dropped off the roof twice) ...

Now I live near the ocean, and I LOVE the ocean. USUALLY when I go near the water, I leave the phone in my truck. Now that I've got a boat, I suspect that I'll lose the one I have overboard in 60 meters of water :D

I can leave the phone in the truck, but not when I'm going to be out on the boat all day ... I almost dropped it out of the tee bag of my friends boat (the one in my profile pic). The Tee Bag is a soft bag mounted under the T-top - it's high, and the seas were a little rough. I went to grab it, and almost dropped it. Even if it didn't hit the water, it'd have dropped 2 meters to its death on a hard fiberglass deck!

When I burned the phone in the christmass tree fire, my friend looked at me and said "This ... is why you can't have nice things."