Champions League Final


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Who will paly the Champions League Final this year because we are not far away from it now .

I think Barcalona against Juventus because I dont think iether bayern munchen or real madrid will the next matches anymore


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I just saw my friend on the way to shop and he said he is gonna watch today, but he is not supporting anyone :p he just watching them because of how they play.


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I think I have watched like 60% of all the matches ithere on tv or have download it after the match :undecided:


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Guyz im looking forward to this for a long time now
i like couple teams more then others , but most likely im just a big football fan .
My personal team does not come further then EU-League , they got in to PO 2 this season -.-
Anyway , i think the final is going to be a good match although Barca is favorite , Juve seems to keep the head cool .
Would be nice to see an italian team win the CL final again .
But if i had to put money on it im not sure ;)


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I think that will come to the finals zenit and barcelona!
because the team zenit has not lost it's never dark horse with the Hulk!


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CSKA vs Spartak will play this LC final because i m russian, all russians believe this, if seriosly, i think Uva vs Bayern, they got good rosters this year