Changes to style.css in Chrome workspaces not showing up


Staff member
I've been trying to use Chrome Workspaces to edit the CSS in my WordPress child theme more efficiently. I followed the tutorial at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> to set it up. It works for the most part, when I edit any element in my child theme, the modification shows up instantly in my browser window and I can save it directly to the local style.css .

The problem occurs when I want to add a new element to my child theme (this element already exists in the parent theme but I did not need to modify it before, so it doesn't exist in the child theme). Using the inspect tool, I found the element in the parent style.css, then copied it over to my child theme editor (in the Source tab of devtools). But making any modifications to that element is not reflected in the live browser once I do that.

For instance, this was the original code in the parent style:

.widget a {
color: #777;

And I copied this to my child stylesheet and changed it to color: #000 . But there is no change in the color seen in the live browser.

Am I doing something wrong?