Check my script if it uses too much server load


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Hey, sorry to bother you again!

But do you mind if you can check my script (ping.php) on my account and see if it uses a lot of resources. If it does, let me know so I can recode the script as soon as possible.

Basically what it does is it gets all the data from's API and update it in our database so people can submit their streams on my website (to basically promote it).

Thanks a bunch.

website is


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I am sure that you can check that in your cpanel if your website uses a lot of resources such as cpu etc. But Genesis or Djb, or Un4saken would answer your question better.


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Genesis said:
I agree IG. Easy to check in cPanel.

I've also Googled it and found this suggestion for how to calculate one's script memory usage:

That is totally useful Genesis.
I had a problem with WP plugins that were using a lot of memory..
I had to turn them all off and back on one at a time to find out which one was the problem.
Then all suggestions were to uninstall the plugin that was causing all the problems. The plugin was one that I really needed, but I didn't need it to run all the time. The simple fix for me was to turn of cron jobs for that plugin and run them manually.

That might not be a solution for everyone, but if they let their users know that submissions may not be instant and that cron jobs are run at a specific time. May it still wouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for the helpful link. I will have to test it out.