Check out ReShade!


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If you're on PC, and you haven't already, check out ReShade! It's a real-time post-processing mod, and with the proper configuration it can make any game look like it was released just yesterday! I use it with MasterEffect (Not sure if you'd call it an "extention" or whatever) on FSX along with REX 4 and DX10 fixer, and it can turn something like this (Not my image):

Into this:


Again though, you need to configure it properly, and chances are not all settings are gonna fit every in-game environment (Things change when everything goes Dark, or bright)... But when done properly it looks fantastic!


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Dude, you are such a fan of planes!

Shaders, shades what ever you call them, they can change the game instantly without anything. This makes some games playable as heck, you could just enjoy them so much.

I might try it, but waiting for DX12 currently ;)