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I just tried to post an image and was unable to do so. It came up with a message that says "clickable links" are not allowed. Does this mean posting images is not allowed for X number of posts, and how many are they?


Posting clickable links is not allowed for 5 posts. That's a part of prevent automatic spam posts.


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I must have made my first posts so fast. I was totally unaware of this feature. It's a great one however. Just love it that this Forum is not only talking but doing security in a great way. :yahoo:


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There is a problem with that however, say I joined up and made 5 posts that fit with the rules then I would have access to spam. It would deter those that purely spam but not those that are intent on creating a lot of spam on any site they go to.


You're probably right, but at least it will take care of the bots, who are usually one-off with a first post only. Your human spammers wouldn't really know that it would take 5 posts, i can't see them doing a "search" ...... hehe ... to look for that factoid either. I'd say the feeling they would go through with a Forum that doesn't allow them to post links would throw them so much that they'd have packed their bags and left by post four. Plenty of other forums available where they can they can spam with links to their hearts' content. :p


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Sander k said:
Are links on the boards nofollow?

no they are allowable, we want to share the love with the link juice, spam links will just get trashed.

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you can not use [img=hxxp:// some url]?
that's maybe just post non-hxxp started url with image end you would give us the image