CMS Installation Script


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Hey gus, especially DJB.

I have made a simple CMS for own needs, and it has a simple installator, we could use or edit for the purposes of GigaCMS.
The only one problem is that the PHP side of the installator such as mysql connection, functions and classes has to be re-written to suit the GigaCMS.

It has only 1 option, which can be extended to many more. It is on Bootstrap so it will blend with the CMS. I don't know if it will help, but every hands are needed if we are going to do it. I know that it's not in english, but has only 2 sections and it is about ui rather than anything else.



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That`s great to hear! An installation script is a must really. I will be publishing all the files in a few hours for everyone who`s interested to study and tweak to their skillsets.