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which code editor do u all use? for php,html,asp,javascript etc

i use adobe master collections cs5 for is best software i used yet also it have syntax error beats all editor.also it includes all adobe softwares.

anybody knows free editor with showing syntax error highlighted.
I use word pad and the built in editor in my FTP client. That is it. None of the others do anything different. Or help me any more then those.

What I wish one of them had a code checker and could tell you what line incorrect. For an example, if you forgot to close a bracket, or add a ' . There is something else that I can't think of right now, but I have seen others complain about it before too.


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Sublime is great. For quick jobs I use the editor that comes with File Manager in cPanel. I also use the editor that comes with Microsoft Expression Web. And Wordpad++.


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I use Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 mostly for interface, CSS and images using Adobe Photoshop, but if I'm just going to change some codes on it, I just use Notepad++.


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Dreamweaver, Notepad ++ and the builtin editor from cpanel are my tools to do my webwork


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I have installed notepad++ yesterday but it don't shows me syntax error highlight as in adobe I need to do any settings for it or notepad++ ain't giving this facility?


Combination of Dreamweaver and Notepad++ might be good. I always use Notepad++ as it is convenient and not using much RAM compared to Dreamweaver.


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I use NotePad++ when working with Java Script. I tried Brackets. It is good but was consuming to many resources but code completion and search within a file are really good. I have used Eclipse too for web development. I once installed Sublime with the intention to use it for Ruby on Rails but work not too much with it. I have work with Dreamweaver too. Intellij IDEA is a good IDE for any kind of development so of course is nice to work web. You don't have to think about saving the file you are working on because it automatically saves. Netbeans can be used too for web development.


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Gedit - linux editor
vi - linux editor

All are very good. vi you must know the bash commands to utilize this editor, but very powerful. Context has come very far as well, however, Notepad++ is by far the best as it is open-source, provides you the number of lines. These lines make it very simple to find an error in the code when the error tells you what line it is on.


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There's been a giveaway of sofwtare called LopeEdit some time ago and although I did not manage to get the discount, I have tried out the trial, and I have to admit it looks alright. The feature that I need the most (or-- I am addicted to ;)), i.e. FTP browser and editor, is available only in the commercial version and so I had to come back to Notepad++.

There are some IDEs written in Java but I do not really like their performance and reliability, I'd rather use something not-java written - like Notepad++. Also, I've heard some good about Atom editor. haven't yet checked it out though. Seems pretty "modern" as it's afaik based on web technologies, i.e. HTML and JS. You may find it at


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You can use NetBeans on linux, it work faster than on Windows machine. It has a lot of tools you like, also debugging, versioning features.


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Atom, Atom, I remember when it was only for Macs, as beta release. Now it's free, I need to get some time to download it and try out.