Compatibility isuue


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You will experience a lot of freezing and slow rendering if you have other applications open but if not it should run okay with those specs.


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Its possible but it will take a really long time. Ram is cheep so just put another stick or two and you will be fine.


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Get more RAM really and a faster CPU too. But for faster CPU you have also to change your motherboard. I think you should stick to increasing RAM for now.


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Did you read the required specs beforehand? When running any of the Adobe products, it's important to know that they use a lot of resources. So, if you don't have the specs, you'll probably have to run an earlier version of the software which normally require less or upgrade your computer. Either way, it will have some kind of cost.

It also depends on if you can find a software that is open source that does the same thing without you having to spend a dime. What do you need it for?