Conflict between two jQuery's scripts


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I'm spanish (sorry for my english), and it's the first time that i write here for ask something.

After hours of debugging and searching why the Fancybox script didn't work i search a conflict between two scripts in my website (now in Maintence Mode)

I use a few scripts on my website, but I can safely say that I have a conflict between these two scripts:




The first two scripts is the plugin for jquery "<a href="" rel="nofollow">fancybox</a>", the other is the main javascript (Ajax) for wordpress plugin: BuddyPress.

The latter creates conflict in fancybox. If I remove BuddyPress' script, fancybox works perfectly, but if not, fancybox don't work.

BuddyPress' script, global.js has a variable defined at the outset that is the one that makes the script.
I try to define it this way:

var jq = jQuery.noConflict ();

But still not working.

Any suggestions?

In Firebug console i got this:

c.easing[this.options.specialEasing &amp;&amp; this.options.specialEasing[this.prop] || a] is not a function

[Detener en este error] e,this.options.orig[e]);this.options.c...++)ab||a.splice(b--,1);a.length||

Line 143 of