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Ok, so I figure I can hammer out 20+ blog posts before going live, then just keep adding to it - but what about forums? Nobody's going to go to a forum with a few posts by one user. How do you go about getting those jumpstarted from ground zero?


If possible maybe find a few mods to help with the forum, and help get threads started. Ask them to invite their friends. You can also try and advertise the forum on social media, or have some kind of posting contest where the winner gets some sort of prize.


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That could prove difficult, but maybe I can get some prominent people in the niche to make some posts, and maybe link to me. Part of the site will likely be a subscription based service that these people would want - maybe I offer them free access to everything. The guys I'm thinking of are either commercially engaged, or are sponsored. Really the forums I'm thinking would mainly be to keep content fresh and get me search engine ranking. It's the content that will be the main attraction anyway.


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One of the guys has a youtube channel with more than a couple of videos in the 2 million hit range. One of the vids has over 11 million hits. I'm not sure what I could do to get him onboard, but he's pretty friendly - he was all about bringing me out on an excursion. The commercial guy is getting more like 20k hits per video. Still pretty respectable traffic. I think he'd be willing to link to me. Maybe I give their first (insert arbitrary number) users free access to the premium content for a time - and continue it for posting? Idk, I'm pretty clueless about this end of things.


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You know bro that - if you are not using autoblogs you have to outsource your articles for blogs. Same goes with forums - paid forum posters or promote using giveaway freebies like this forum for getting threads and posts. If you want to automate tools are there - for wordpress blogs - wprobot is best - automatic content management autoposter and for forums there is forum autoposter just search in google.


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xon7007 said:
there is forum autoposter just search in google.
Darn! Another challenge for moderators. I now get the commas that have spaces in between them - product of an autoposter then?

Thanks for explaining how it works. :lightbulb:


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some people use auto blog comment, auto forum poster and fb group auto poster.
the tools work like a bot, the user only give to that bot some keywords or niches


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There are many ways to build a forum from the the start. The owner must be active in the community to get things rolling. I recommend 2-5 new threads per day, and replying to new discussions. You can also participate in post exchanges, and join sites like for content.