Correct method to move wordpress from 'localhost' to and IP address/domain setup


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I'm a bit confused on how to do the above. I setup wordpress and developed my website all using 'localhost' all of the time

So all SQL statements, links, everything all use 'localhost'

Now I'm looking at moving it to a hosting solution I am a bit stuck as I've copied the files over, created the database etc but I couldn't see any styling at first (this has now changed), but I don't think I've done it the correct way as all links within my website pages, the home button on the menu, all pictures used in my themes picture slider have all had to be changed manually to the domain name, otherwise it tries to look for files and pages on 'localhost', which obviously aren't there as localhost (for the user) is just the users PC now rather than the server.

Surely there must be a better way of doing it so you don't need to change all the links, I could imagine this being a massive task on a big website

So what I've done overall is copy files, create database, changed WP Address URL in the options to the local IP of the server it is hosted on, changed Site Address URL to the domain name URL (which is forwarded to the local IP of the server, using port forwarding)

The reason I set the local IP of the server as the WP Address URL is because that allowed the SQL statements to work without being re-written

Hope someone can help and tell me the proper way to do this :)