cpanel kick me out


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Hi there

My login ID is sing
I was try to config the hosting account through the cpanel.
However, it suddenly show me a prompt / msg box, telling me session time out.
And even I click cancel, it still show the prompt.
I have no way but to click confirm.

However, after I confirm to logout and try to login again, it said my login was invalid.
I tried to reset my password and copy and paste the new password to login, yet the same result.
I tried 3 times already.

Anyone has the same problem with me?


Finally can login after have this post. Thanks.


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Depends who our Internet Service provider is and what service we have. I'm resident in the UAE currently and using a shared service by the only real provider that is available. Getting a static service is limited to business and VERY expensive. The shared service however has shorter intervals than the world standard, so one gets to share it with all kinds of spammers and may get blacklisted as a consequence. Can you try a proxy perhaps, as that is what I use if I run into difficulties. I use a professional proxy for regular work with WHM and cPanel, however Tor helps as well.

Another possibility is that with your attempt to fix it your access to your cPanel, your IP could have gotten blocked. So hope that DJB our owner will check it out. I will alert him to this thread.

In the meanwhile I have reset your password and tested it and it works from my end (without using my proxy). Please check my PM in your inbox for your new password.


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Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
I didn't expect such a level of service for a free hosting account.
Problem fixed.