cPanel Login Invalid Error: Password Reset Request

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Hello. I recently got approved for a free hosting account. I logged in with my given username and password, and got into the system. Now for the past 2 days, I am getting an error when logging in to cPanel, Login Invalid. I am using the username and password they gave me, plus the other possible passwords I could have used. I still get the same error. Steps to reproduce are below:

1. Go to
2. Type in my cPanel Username: cobalt99
3. Type in my given cPanel Password (given in my private message from Hellsing)
4. I get the error: The Login is Invalid.

Here is a screenshot:
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Can a staff member please reset my password?


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Thanks for providing the detailed information as it made it much easier to modify your password. :)

I've reset the password. Please check PM in your Inbox. I also checked the password, and it worked, so hope it will work for you too.
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