Create a radio station on your PC


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Instructions Getting Started

1. Go to the Resources section of this article and click the link for "Listen 2 My Radio." Create an account and verify it via email. Log in to your new account.

2. Click the "Radio Installation" link. Enter your "broadcaster password," "admin password," "radio name," and "radio url" in the appropriate fields. Click the "install" button.

3. Refresh the webpage. Choose a server from the list of links. Wait 15 to 20 minutes to get an email that reads "Radio installation is complete." Click the "Radio Details" link to get your broadcasting information.

4. Go to the "Resources" section of this article and click the link for "WINAMP" and open it in a new tab or window. Click the "Free Download" button to download and install the free version of WINAMP. Revisit the "Resources" section of this article and click the link for "WINAMP SHOUTcast Plugin." Download and install the plugin as well.

5. Launch WINAMP. Hold down the "Control" key and press "P" to open the Preferences menu. Select "DSP/Effect plug-in" category under "Plug-ins." Choose "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source" from the list.

6. Click the "Output" tab. Copy and paste the "IP Address," "Port Information" and "Password" from your "Radio Details" webpage into the correct fields in the plug-in settings window.

7. Select the "Encoder" tab and change the encoder to "MP3 Encoder". Choose "64kbps, 22.050kHz, stereo" bitrate for your broadcast.

8. Setup your MP3 playlist in WINAMP.

9. Go back to the "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source" preferences settings. Go to the "Output" tab and click "Connect."

10. After approximately one minute you'll be able to click the URL on your "Radio Details" webpage and start listening to your own free Internet radio station.

more help you can get from that video....




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That's neat, but do you have to run the software on your computer all the time or can you set it up and close it and it'll still broadcast?


Lots of ads
voice is bad
need at least 2 mb internet speed to broadcast
chat delay is almost 1 min

no I prefer spreaker