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I don't fully agree that Google would see it as non related stuff. They are standard topics in all discussion forums. And compared with the other Sub-Forums, sparingly used. Probably needs to be bumped out a tiny little bit. And that's why we got the incentive to do so.


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Exactly! Plus to build up the community. If new visitors see an active forum they are more likely to join in the discussions.

It`s going to be a few more months few before we are truly an active community. We`ve been investing in certain things to attract more visitors (not just for the free hosting) for a range of other services. The only restraint is the the amount of time I have to develop more features.

Innovate or Die is my new life motto.


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Well said the "general" discussions are the lifes blood of any forum. If it were all on topic of web hosting and development well first off there would not be jack crap for activity on the board because though there are many of us with that interest but there are few everyday people that actually do that and if the community is based on only those of us that do it then we would hit a certain number of people and this board would not grow and eventually die. Also many who are just looking for the free host and we would never see them again.