creating OSGi enabled jar for ORACLE (for Spring Roo - ORACLE db integration)


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I'm hitting the Spring Roo / Oracle OSGi driver issue that plenty of others have hit and seem to have solved.

"Springsource currently can't host an OSGi wrapped Oracle driver" so it appears you need to take you existing non-OSGi one a wrap it.

I've been following the steps <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">here</a> with the driver for Oracle 11g, version 2's driver.

Got completely stuck with step 11,

<ol start="11">
<li>Remove the faulty OSGI driver from the Felix repository:

<li>Use “osgi ps” to retrieve the ID of the OSGI bundle to remove.</li>
<li>Use “osgi headers” to get the Bundle-SymbolicName of the corresponding OSGI bundle. Probably
osgi uninstall –bundleSymbolicName

I've no background with osgi at all and despite getting the
missing dependency indicated when you run:

roo&gt; database reverse engineer --shema xxx

can't progress with the osgi phases to uninstall these dependencies from OSGi.

Could anyone console dump the commands to do this, however noddy.

Much appreciated - Roo allows a basic app to be build real fast, but roo-oracle is a drop of a cliff, compared to the ease and speed of everything else.