CS 1.6


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The game is not free, unless you play NON-STEAM, which means that you cannot play on the official server, which means that there is no fun.


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I haven't plated this game in forever, but last time I played the Global Offensive Mod. It used to be a really fun game to play.


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I think is a good game, but the people inside of he, in the multiplayer not. Because the reason is the bad conduct by part of there players.

The Counter Strike lost his reputation because this people. But is a great game, more with the Zombie Plague, Basebuilder, and Soccerjam (respect 1.6).

The Counter Strike 1.5 is lost by the new players, but have people playing this version in the cybers, i remember his graphics, better of the graphics 1.6 xD.


Havent played 1.6 in ages now is a good game but I prefer CS Source and really like the gungame, surf and zombie mods on there.


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Counter Strike 1.6 is an old game. I played very much Couter Strike 1.6 in the past. I owned some servers. Is an old game and popular but Counter Strike Global Offensive is the same very popular. Now more than CS 1.6 players are playing CSGO.


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Never tried playing it, I only tried Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which is my favorite Steam Game currently. Is it the same as CS: GO? Like what's the differences? I obviously know the Maps and Guns, but like the gamemodes and Ranks are different? is there competetive? I want to try it but it is older i don't want to spend more money. :crazy: