CSS: Image and text align in wordpress post


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I have little problem floating text and image in wordpress post. I want to have little space between text and picture. When I try to make it with merge or padding in css, It does nothing or text goes below pic. please help me, page url: <a href="http://uglt.org/new/?p=2224" rel="nofollow">http://uglt.org/new/?p=2224</a>

see pic, how I want to be and how is it: <a href=" " rel="nofollow"> </a>

php code:

        &lt;?php if($image) : ?&gt;
        &lt;img class="img-responsive singlepic" src="&lt;?php echo $image ?&gt;"/&gt;&lt;div class="singu"&gt;&lt;?php the_content(); ?&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
        &lt;?php endif; ?&gt; 

    &lt;div class="entry-content"&gt;

By the way when I try to make these two class into one div It goes below too. Please help me, thank you in advance.