CSS issue with floating images wrapped in anchor


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I have a bunch of images defined in HTML, given a class of 'something-unique' and then via the magic of wordpress, they are wrapped with an anchor with no class or id to identify it by. I end up with...

<a href="http://test.com/DSC_0042.JPG" title="Details of image">
    <img class="picasa-image alignleft" width="150" height="150" alt="DSC_0042.JPG" src="http://picasa-image.url/s150-c/DSC_0042.JPG" title="Details of image">

I am able to set rules to my image by selecting with
but when I float it left, it is ignored. When I remove the anchor tag, it floats correctly. When I float anchors left it floats correctly (but all other anchors on the page are floated).

How do I set the style of the anchor tag containing my images in css.