CSS - Unable to change background colour of DIV - WooCommerce product description


Staff member
This is probably a really simple fix but I've looked all over and I cannot get this to work. The issue is with WooCommerce in wordpress, I believe my overall CSS is overiding that of WC and causing me some colour issues.

Here is the page - <a href="http://www.chaotopia.com/product/connect-your-breath-bklt-cd/" rel="nofollow">http://www.chaotopia.com/product/connect-your-breath-bklt-cd/</a>

I am trying to change the background of the product description from white to #272727 and the text to #ffffff. Also as you can also see the selected tab is white as is the text which is not ideal.

I'm assuming this is a CSS issue I've tried various things but cannot get it to work.

Can someone please guide me as to where and what I need to edit to fix this?

Many thanks!