Database connection problems

Sorry to be a nuisance folks but could I enquire about a problem I have recently started experiencing with my forum please.

I'm getting several database connection errors all of a sudden, the error is stating this:

"mysql_connect(): Too many connections"

I have like 3 to maybe as many as 8 people online at any one time pretty much, vBulletin are saying it is a serverside issue where the host has set too tight a restriction on database connections but I just can't see how that is possible with the small amount of visitors I have on at one time.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me please as it is starting to happen a little too often leaving members unable to reach my forum several times each day.

My forum is here:

Whilst I ask about site access problems I am also noticing connection speed to my forum is very slow a lot of the time as well of late, does anyone have any ideas what might be causing the problem and if so is there anything I can do to remedy the problem.

Thank you.


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Nice to see you Briar.

Can you provide us with your cPanel name and Website name?

First of all about the speed. I've got the same, but thought it was my problem. Can you check whether you have the same problem, i.e. packet loss? If there is more than me who has packet loss it may mean something to do with the server. Can you check yours and see whether you are getting the same:

You need to type in

Secondly, about the database. I'll check that once you've provided your cPanel name thanks.
Hiya Genesis,

I rank the pingdom thingie and didn't get any weird result, says the website is faster than 83% of all tested websites, no idea how I tell if there is a 'packet loss', sorry mate but I have no idea what that even means.

I am going to PM you the cPanel info in a minute.


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That means there is no packet loss as you'd have seen it. Can't explain the speed issue then.

Thanks for the cPanel info. I checked out your database and all looks OK on what I see. Only other possibility could be on the overall mySQL settings. For that we need un4saken or Chris's input.
Thank you so very much for looking into that for me Genesis, I appreciate it very much indeed, hopefully un4saken or Chris can look further into the mySQL side of things.

Thank you again.


I increased the max_connections limit a little bit more. Let us know if you have that error again.