Dedicated Servers

First off, this is not for me. A friend approched me and asked me if I know of any hosting companies that had 50 tb of storage. Yes, you read that right, 50 tb. He is currently paying $300/mnth for 10tb but needs more. What he is using it for is legit. Now I suggested that it would be better to buy a server and then rent rack space somewhere.
When I went looking at servers, I saw in one guide they suggested that is maybe cheaper to rent a server. Guess what, I looked at that, and the prices are higher then what it would cost him to pay a hosting company for what he want.

So far, its seems cheaper to me to buy the set up he wants. I found some decent servers for around $5k U.S . Hosting for 48tb is around $500 a month. So even if he went with 2 servers to split the load and monthly rental fees, the third year he would be saving himself money.

Now to rent the same type of server with 6 8tb HDs 32gig of ram, 8 core cpu, 1000mbs hub, its around $800 per month.

So, does anyone know a good place to rent rack space from or know of good deals on buying a servers. My knowledge only extends to setting them up and using centos 7. Not much into hardware stuff.


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I've been thinking about this for quite a while, and every option i thought of was pretty expensive. But anyway, i do know that he could save 300$ a month because Tencent Weiyun offers 10 TB cloud storage for free!

But lets say he would host it himself, a 6 TB harddrive is 250 euro's, you would need 8 for some reasonably amount of storage, but i assume you would want them to be in RAID, so that would be 16 of those drives, which would cost 4k + like 700 for something to make it accessible. Let's say this all works well for 3 years (carry in warranty on the drives), that would be 130 euro's per month excluding power consumption and connection.

But he will need an internet connection at home anyway, so why not take 500/500 mbit fiber? that would be like another 100 euro's per month, in total 230, which is lower than what he pays now but 5 times the storage :)