Disappoint with Some Users

I haven't been on much lately. Now that I had the week off between Christmas and New Years, I come here to catch up. Wouldn't you know it, there is a server issue. As it turns out, there was a hard drive failure. Not one, but two. I was not left in the dark, Un4saken and DJB was on it right away. Once to had access to another HD, they uploaded the site, changed the dns to another server. All in order to keep ALL its users up to date with what was happening. DJB was giving updates as they happened. He did it every few hours and even answered questions from those who asked. I will tell you this, not many hosting companies do this, and especially for the free members.

Now today, I come back to see whats going on, and all I hear is people crying about lost data and their is gone. That they want their accounts closed.

You know, you guys make me sick. The staff here works hard for you guys. They went far beyond what other hosting companies would have done. Now I see you shitting on them because you lost your site. Well, that is not their fault. ITS YOUR OWN. I know way back in the summer, Un4saken made a post about being able to back up your site from the Cpanel. There was even discussion about how often you should do it. So stop blaming them and suck it up.

I know if this was any other hosting company, they would have told you to piss off. That you should have been doing your own backs up. Then they would have closed your account and told you to go elsewhere. Not here at Gigarank, they gave you extras for the inconvenience of what happened. Thats what makes a top notch hosting company.

So, great work guys and don't let the naysayers bring you down for all your hard work. I apologize in advance if I was out of line.


Staff member
Thanks Strokerace. We're OK with those who are unhappy as we understand how they feel. Something really horrible happened to them, and it shouldn't have happened. But thank you so much for empathizing with us. Particularly with how shattering the experience had been for the owner, Chris (DJB) and technical admin un4saken, who couldn't but feel it personal as they had invested so much of themselves in Gigarank. It is their commitment to not only stay with Gigarank, but to make it better as well, that gives me complete faith we'll recover from what happened.