Displaying data in Android from a MySQL database similar to a Twitter Feed


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I'm in need of a bit of help with regards to showing data stored in a mysql database in a ListView!

I'm aiming to have the ListView look similar to this screenshot:
<a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_K6NH2gxxh...qG-YjJRuBM/s1600/Android_ButtonOnListView.png" rel="nofollow">http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_K6NH2gxxh...qG-YjJRuBM/s1600/Android_ButtonOnListView.png</a>

The idea is to create something akin to a Twitter feed using data that has been stored in a MySQL database. However, I'm very unclear on how to make this 'feed' from the data in the table. For example, I have two fields in my mysql table called Title and Content, how can I display these to the user in a way similar to that screenshot? Is ListView the best way of achieving this?

So far I have been following this tutorial to bring the data down from the database:

<a href="http://fahmirahman.wordpress.com/20...erver-and-android-client-using-http-and-json/" rel="nofollow">http://fahmirahman.wordpress.com/20...erver-and-android-client-using-http-and-json/</a>

I can post up my code so far if that would be of help, however as I haven't got a working ListView so it is only printing the MySQL data like this: [{"Title":"Hello World!","Content":"Hello again!"}]

Thanks in advance!