Do you drink or smoke?

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Personally, I'm not much of a drinker if anything, I'm a very rare social drinker! However, if offer me a pina colada then you have me sold!!! Also, I do love Twisted Tea (which is tastes like Ice Tea)!!!

As for smoking, tired barely a puff and was like, not for me... I hate the smell of it...


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I drink alcohol. I do not mind the type of alcohol. I like vodka, whiskey, tequila, cocktails, wine and whatever.
But I will not smoke. The place I use computers is smoking-free.
There are places to smoke a cigarette in a remote place, but it is crowded and the walls are dirty.
I am no longer interested in smoking cigarettes.


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The smell of rum is off putting to me except in cocktails. Does make for a great cocktail ingredient. My choice of tipple is whiskey soda and lots of ice, or whiskey straight with ice.


I do neither, no drugs too. dont see the point really, never enjoyed it although I tried several times


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Need to smoking while working my tobacco Chesterfield. To relax my self nothing is better than a cold beer!!!cheers


I don't smoke, although everyone in my family does, apart from me. I am a drinker, and I usually only drink Lager. Copious amounts of it in fact. I'm Scottish, and contrary to belief, I don't actually like whisky. If I'm drinking spirits, it's vodka only. Although, I'm partial to the odd shot or cocktail though! I drink every weekend, and on holidays and special occasions!


i am neither smoker or drinker...but it really annoying when ignorant smoked at open restaurant...
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