Do you own a gun or use guns and how do you feel about guns in general?

Do you own or use a gun?

  • Yes I own a gun

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  • No I don't own a gun

    Votes: 10 76.9%
  • I don't own a gun but I have access to a gun

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it's almost impossible to own a gun in the UK. A lot of people in the UK are against the second amendment and I am also against it because if no one has a gun then no one can shoot someone. This doesn't reduce crime but it makes the streets a lot more safer knowing that people do not have guns in their pockets.


I see why people might feel safer with them, but I'm against guns in general. In the US, there's so many gun crimes and shootings in some areas. Just recently there was a mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida. While something like might have been able to be pulled off using knives, I'm guessing it would have taken a lot more work.


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Yes I do own a gun, I own a sniper rifle in a game I play on my phone called sniper lol. I would not handle a real gun, I get clumsy at times lol.


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Guns should be harder to get...Take for example the recent terrorist attacks. They got guns really easily and used them for mass shooting. People dont need guns. People need common sence and if they really need, they could get a tazor for self defence. Somtimes i just think why people actually need guns, Ok i understand hunters need guns to kill animals but what else? Somone reply to me with a real reason to have a gun, Please


StrobeGaming said:
Somone reply to me with a real reason to have a gun, Please

I agree with you, no one needs a gun in self defense if no one is a llowed a gun. But people believe that if someone gets their hands on a lethal weapon like a homemade explosive or even a homemade gun they feel it would be better if they had a weapon to fight back. It's easier to get a gun in america, especially texas, than to go through security at an airport.


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I was totally unaware of the knives being banned in the UK. And the orange tip rule. Guess the UK is a great example of great prevention regulations. :cool:


Since I'm from Europe not from USA ... this is not something common for us. I don't have a gun or any other lethal weapon.

Strange, but we still have much less crime and murders than USA!?


Genesis said:
I was totally unaware of the knives being banned in the UK. And the orange tip rule. Guess the UK is a great example of great prevention regulations. :cool:

On the website it lists all weapons that are illegal and lists exceptions on when illegal weapons can be used, like making a TV program.

Link here
This is an old debate that has gone on for decades. People can come with all kinds of reasons why people don't need guns. But no one can actually back up their arguments. They just don't understand a gun and are scared of them Most just jump on the bandwagon against guns because they don't understand them. They all say guns kill people. Its not the guns fault, it the person who has it. The stats have been padded to get people to hate guns. Those people from other countries that say its hard for them to get guns, etc and that they have a lower killing with guns haven't looked at the true facts.

I did this already with a guy in America. I told him that here in Canada its very hard to get a gun here. I told him every time they tighten up the gun laws, the stats for gun killings don't change. In fact we have a very close rate to the U.S per captita. I thing theirs is like 5 per 1000 and Canada is 3.5. I think we looked at the UK and they had a higher rate then Canada. So, to me, a lot just turn a blind eye to the true facts and only jump on the bandwagon to ban guns when they are shootings. Also for your information, the U.S does not have the highest killing per capita with Guns. There are many other countries higher, but no one cares to bring those ones up.

On top of all of this, gun control only hurts the honest people. It does not stop crime, it never has and never will. I can make 1 phone call and have a transport truck load of guns show up. They guy won't ask me if I have a permit, he only cares about the color of my money

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Just because there is laws against guns doesn't mean you will eliminate deaths by guns. They will become contraband and will sell for more money making a buisness which people will exploit which in turn could make even more deaths so you need to talk to the people rather than that and having stricter rules on who is eligible for guns like looking at their history and physciocratic reports to see how insane they're!


People that are working that use dangerous tools have health and safety rules and regulations when using these tools. I also wouldn't consider those areas as public anymore since work is occurring there. Roadworks are blocked off from people entering the construction site because that area is now under construction. A fisherman also can only use the equipment at the fishing hole which you could still consider a workplace and not apublic area.

A pocket knife would still not be allowed in public since it is no different to a machete when you think about it. They both can do harm to someone just A machete is able to do a lot more damage to someone. Unless you need it for work then I still feel like you do not need a sharp knfie in a public area.


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I don't have gun because in my country possession of gun is almost impossible, unfortunately because I admire US where you can have gun & you can save your family or home..