Do you own a Smartphone?

Smartphone Brand?

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I`m guessing that most people have a smartphone in 2013 by now. What Make and model of Smartphone do you have?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 1


I`m due an a newer Smartphone soon as it`s starting to slow down and get a little sluggish.


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still using my old htc desire HD bought it back in dec 2010. don't really see a major improvement in any other phone, no point in investing yet. maybe iphone 5s when its out.


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I'm with Apple, and I think any Apple owner has to have an iphone with MacPro. The other day my iphone5 got stolen and i was able to get my back-up from MacPro, everything was exactly how it was before. Magic!


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Wow, I can't believe I am the only person who voted for Apple iPhone! Almost all of my friends have iPhones, hehe. The next most popular after that where I am in TX, USA is Samsung.


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I've never heard of gionee before. How does it compare price and performance wise with other androids?


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I've owned a Samsung Galaxy pocket that had Android Gingerbread. And I now own a Cloudfone Excite 300d which has Android Jellybean. Jellybean's quite a good OS, tbh.