Docker-compose and Docker-swarm


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I'm using docker-compose and docker swarm. I have created a docker-mgt server from which I did a docker-machine to setup a swarm cluster consisting of a swarm master and two swarm-agents.

I have created an Express app that gets started in a container and it seems the swarm master decided to have it on agent1. Then I have also a Wordpress site (example from the docker compose site) that I'm running with docker-compose on Docker Swarm.

[email protected]:~/wordpress$ docker-compose up
wordpress_db_1 is up-to-date
Creating wordpress_web_1
ERROR: Error: image library/wordpress_web:latest not found

The following images are available:

[email protected]:~/wordpress$ docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
orchardup/php5      latest              c385b8a81cee        18 months ago       330.1 MB
swarm               latest              a9975e2cc0a3        19 hours ago        17.15 MB
orchardup/mysql     latest              5a45a5a953bb        16 months ago       292.4 MB
wordpress_web       latest              e484f88dc8c8        11 minutes ago      350.9 MB
node-ip             latest              d177af00338b        39 minutes ago      549.5 MB
centos              centos6             1a895dd3954a        8 weeks ago         190.6 MB

So it does have the wordpress_web:latest available and still it complains.

When running this wordpress app on a seperate docker host (not part of the swarm cluster) it runs just fine. To exclude a mistake on the wordpress app, I also tried another complete different app consisting of two containers (with docker-compose) and it is exactly the same issue.

I'm beginning to think that docker compose and swarm can not work together smoothly but that's hard to believe of course.