Does a Linux user even need video games?



When ever I lose myself in Linux, it feels like a video game itself. Didnt play for 2 years while I was on Linux. Is it just me?


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When it comes to Linux I'm only using it for developement and server things. Linux isn't really designed for games and I doubt it ever will be.


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I play oldies game (mostly sfc, sometimes ps_1) on Linux with emulator.
Programmable OS fits with emu more than Win/Mac.


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Linux is a development Operating systems, the OS isn't built to run games. That's why most of the VPSs (including gigarocket) have Linux based OS


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scavenger12 said:
Linux is a development Operating systems, the OS isn't built to run games. That's why most of the VPSs (including gigarocket) have Linux based OS

Mmmm... sorry to jump in but I disagree: Linux -like Windows and MacOS - is built to run software, I daresay almost any software, including games which actually run fine on Linux systems, ever heard of Steam? According to their latest list, there are around 220 great games, free and not-free, available:

Gaming on Linux tracks 313 games:

I let you count the Wikipedia entries:

Not bad for "the OS isn't built to run games", innit? ;-)

Sure, if your idea of Linux games are only emulated Windows games (like under Wine or similar) you might have a point about the final quality and gameplay experience. Ditto for terminal games such as Nethack, Dwarf Fortress and other console or mud games, but native graphical games are cool on Linux. I'm just reminding you that Linux is not only run on VPS with little RAM as a server, it's actually also working on millions of personal laptops and desktops and take advantage of graphic drivers from Nvidia and AMD for intense gaming. Have you ever played games such as Battle of Wesnoth, Counterstrike, Borderlands, L4D2, ARK, 0AD, The Dark Mod, Civilization, Stellaris, The Talos Principle, Wastelands? I invite you to try them, you might reconsider your views about gaming on Linux...

Just my two cents, of course, everybody is entitled to his/her opinion but facts speak for themselves.


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Absolutely, you can play games on Linux! Many people on this thread has said that it is a development OS, however, I would daresay that Linux is much more than that. It is a very secure, very flexible OS, and you can make it do just about anything.


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Yes we can play games on linux, but who does that? :D i mean managing the linux server with or without KDE is like a game itself, atleast for me. ;)


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I don't use Linux to game, but *nerd alert* I get as much fun out of it compared to playing games. I don't know what it is, but solving little problems (mostly ones I created myself) are like mini victories to me.


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Heck yeah we do! I love the feeling of making a game and someone says I have no idea how you did that. In addition, I love playing games and analyzing how the programmers made certain menus.

I'll be like, "oh wow! You can use a simple py script to do that." Then you build an enter environment that can be interacted with by those who have no programming knowledge.

Games are a bridge from programmer's imagination to those who wish to experience altered reality.


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I used to play World of Warcraft on linux, i've got steam installed, theres plenty of linux compatible games, its just making sure you have the right drivers installed for your gpu


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I have only used it for development stuff and I'll if I ever install it again. Just get windows if you want to play games. A lot games doesn't support linux anyways


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I think I've got a copy of openarena and it worked on linux school computers.
While you had to wait for others, you were free to do what you want.

Beat the others behinds ofcourse! :p


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I use Manjaro Linux as my main OS since 2015 and play [Steam] games as well.
Being a Linux user doesn't exclude you from playing games.