Domain extensions and SEO

Sander k

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Lets say that you want to make an English website.
Then you should choose for a .COM, .NET, .ORG or what ever main extension. If you want to use a country extension, then you should take .US or .CO.UK or what ever other English speaking country.

Do NOT use a .BE or .DE for example as Google won't index you that good in
You will get indexed in tho, but is that what you want?


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I found that as well - although it's not true for all domains. .US domains appear to be break this rule, and sometimes I see .fr in the serps , but only if the site has a lot of non-english traffic or links.


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I think its always better to go for .COM domain. People tend to always add .com after everysite. So if you are using .net or country based domain, chances are you will loose traffic. Now i feel if you want to use a country based domain or .net or any other then atleast have .com as a primary domain along with any other you might choose.


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Sander k said:
You will get indexed in tho, but is that what you want?

Get indexed in every Google search engines: de, pl, eu,com,, what ever, it will somehow pull a little bit of traffic on your website.


I have not decided if I like that Google is so strict about the country code domains. I guess it's good because it maintains some kind of order so that the domains are used for what they are intended for. On the other hand I think it's wrong if I don't get to see some very useful page just because the domain happens to have the wrong country code.

Sometimes country code domains are used because they have a different meaning, like .me, .tv, .nu (nu means now in Swedish), etc. Does Google always penalize these usages or is Google smart enough to realize that some country code domains are popular in other parts of the world as well? I know they can show up in search results but question is if they would have an even better overall ranking if they had used a different domain.


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Reading this post, I wonder about all the new domain name extensions. Like the .EMAIL, .WEB, .SHOP?

I do not think those will be indexed, but people are investing a lot of money into those domains. In fact, I was going to buy some myself, but it is true that you should really stick to .COM's if you really want your website to take off. Plus, .COM domains are known to be the industry standard.


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I use .US domain for one of my website, But it good in INDIA (My target country) ... (200K Alexa Rank in india) but not really good in USA, and other english country... I do using good English for my website, the Niche is Directory Ads Service website... so how you explain this?? :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


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Don't hesitate to go with a ccTLD as it returns a good impression about your website/business as Google. In some countries, Google also promoting to go for ccTLD domains. Certain tactics of SEO advises us to go with English/ Global domains. But there is no such negative factors assigned with any ccTLD.


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As far as I could see, it doesn't matter its a .com or any older TLD's like .org, net, .info, or country domains - if you don't have good content, no search engines will rank you.


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Although I agree with you for the better part Binil, I can't see "good content" Websites getting to the top of search results. Content "yes" but mostly those with better SEO seem to be in the top results regardless of how good the content is. Google is a great search engine, but it still has to perfect a method to assess quality content. Very irritating when I'm searching for something and the better quality results results are not among the top ones, and I've got to work my way through results that aren't really that good.


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Yeah even though it's the common belief contest is king, it's not 100% true. Google Algorithm is lot more complex than that. They look at lot more things like domain authority, amount of content your site has, domain age, back link profile and many other things.

For example If you search for any camera you will see Amazon pages always at top. If you check Amazon pages you will find they don't follow the Google manual for site optimization. But still they landed at top and sites with unique content have very hard time to beat those pages.

It's same when it comes to ccTLDs. Lets say if you make a site with .us but populate it with French language articles. Your site will rank in than Because Algorithm detects the language and gives priority for that.
I always go for .com. Infact when I see .org or .net or whatever I always get a little suspicious. Some of the new ones are kinda funny like .guru and .ninja. I wonder who got and Probably think they are pretty smart :)