Domain Names, Affiliate Links


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Many years ago I purchased a turnkey pet website off Ebay (I was very new to IM and websites), not realizing how very saturated the pet niche already is, and not realizing probably dozens of others had the exact same website. The people that sold the website sent instructions via pdf format as to how to get set up with the affiliates or they offered to do it for $25.00. I let them do it, and there were affiliates with CJ Junction, Ebay Partnership Network, Amazon and Clickbank.

Ebay Partnership Network was the only one who would not transfer domain ownership from the seller to me, saying there was a problem with the domain but refused to say what so I could correct it. They flatly refused and said they would offer no assistance to help resolve the problem so I could join their network. Why, I don't know. So I tried to run the website, just without Ebay.

It was hosted first with GoDaddy, then I switched to Hostgator. Has anyone else had this problem with Ebay or other affiliate host? Is it possible when I let the seller set me up with the affiliates they redirected things where they would get commissions and not me? I felt Ebay was being chicken about the whole thing.