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:clapping::yahoo: Yesterday I was looking to buy a new domain for my client who was only wanted to buy me coffee instead of a beer. I had a rough time figuring out where to get an affordable domain (I was adviced never to use CHEAP in business) without burning my fingers. I came across an offer with whois dot com and was excited to buy one at $5.88. Could I be in for a supprise when after one year they'll ask me to pay with my nose and refuse to transfer?
Has any one here bought an domain on offer and later regretted going down that road?

I'm happy for the offer but I'm a bit concerned. The cheap might end up being damn expensive.:bomb:


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Generally I find domain registrations offers such a super 1 first year registration fee usually results in a hethy renewal fee.


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DJB said:
Generally I find domain registrations offers such a super 1 first year registration fee usually results in a hethy renewal fee.

Exactly my thoughts. Thanks a lot. I might need to transfer it just before expiry.


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Make sure you get one of the more exotic and pricey coffee blends because cheap domain hosting usually has a couple of big drawbacks:
(1) the renewal fee can be many times the price of the initial year and,
(2) cheap registrars have no incentive to help you transfer your domain and may make it very difficult for you to do so without considerable help.

Mid-tier registrars, such as Bulkregister, offer better services, but the yearly cost is usually fixed at around $13.00 per domain.

Business-class registrars offer premium services and the annual cost is raised to match - usually about $26.00 per year per domain.


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Hey guys, why don't you try GoDaddy. This provider is reasonable at pricing. but note that transfer of domain is blocked. :p


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Have you tried It's in beta testing right now but was able to secure an invite shortly after I signed up.

What I like best about the google domains over godaddy is the absense of the Las Vegas style selling pushed in your face. Google domains get a very simple interface with straight forward managing for 12 bucks a year. If you transfer your domain, you still have pay the 12 bucks a year but you also keep the remaining time from the previous provider.

One thing I have found, if you know someone will want the name long term, is that it can be good to sign up for as many years as possible right up front to ensure the same rate and not have to worry about it.

If you do this, though, make sure you are signing with a reputable company that's been around a little while. It's probably not a good idea with the very cheapest of service providers, but with someone like goDaddy or gigarank, you defer any price increases for x number of years and the reputable places normally just raise their prices in smaller increments over time - like the rest of us.

I signed up with a decent host, FatCow, at 9.99US for 5 years - the price has now gone up some and the difference could easily mean a whole years hosting compared to what I would have paid if I had paid year by year. I've had similar experience with sites I've registered through goDaddy. Also, as someone else mentioned, I have found the transfer process MUCH easier with reputable established providers, which can save time, headaches and $ in the long run.


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I have personally used GoDaddy for at least 20 different domains. You can always find some kind of coupon that will allow you to get one for around $.99 to $1.50 for the initial year. After that, it's $14-something -- like $15-ish -- for yearly renewal.

They will allow you to transfer the domain, but it takes some doing. If the domain is yours, then it belongs to you, and they have to let you have it if you wish to go someplace else with it.

Just get on the phone with their customer support, be nice and friendly, and stay on with them until they complete the transfer. They know me fairly well by now. :smile:

It's fine to stay with them, as well. I prefer to stay with them because I had a terrible time trying to get one of the cheaper ones transferred from a shady site that I chose to use because of cost considerations, and I had to let the domain go. It was very sad-making. :sorry: :cry:

Staying with GoDaddy as your domain registrar (did I use that word properly) is a great choice for me because I know where to go to find all of my domains in one location and changing nameservers is so simple -- not only is it simple, but it propagates within minutes!

That's my opinion, and I think I'll stop making a case for GoDaddy. I don't work for them or anything; I just think they're tops!