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Lets talk abuot dreamweaver... i still use my Macromedia version till now, cannot afford the adobe version yet...
but it always work for me everytime i need it...:yahoo::yahoo:


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gravien said:
Lets talk abuot dreamweaver... i still use my Macromedia version till now, cannot afford the adobe version yet...
but it always work for me everytime i need it...:yahoo::yahoo:

I agree, it works great. I started using it many, many years ago when it was macromedia still, also (and fireworks etc). I have used newer versions, since (currently on CS5). To be honest I don't really see much difference.


Years ago I used a pirated version of Macromedia Dreamweaver. I didn't really use much of the features. Just the syntax-highlighting and the auto-completion. It was great compared to Notepad :p Nowadays I prefer more lightweight editors. There are many code editors with syntax-highlighting and I know more now and have Internet access so I can look things up if necessary so I don't feel that auto-completion is necessary anymore.


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well i use dreamweaver from long ago, always work good , i mainly use for syntax highlight and auto completion , but features like cms integration , spray ets makes it more relabel


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I use dreamweaver daily, I have to much work to get through. Text editors use up to much precious time!

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For most peoples usage notepad++ will suffice. If youre developing from the ground up a full featured IDE like Dreamweaver or Visual Studio is a must. The ability to insert breakpoints for debugging and other features greatly accelerate development.


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If you are looking for a free IDE that supports multiple languages as well as HTML/CSS, then you should give NetBeans a try. It has plugins to add just about any functionality you might want and includes a lot of the features of paid IDEs like code highlighting, breakpoints, code completion, function referencing, etc. out of the box.


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I've used Dreamweaver before. I can't recall what version though because I took a long hiatus on making websites. 'Twas quite useful for me though. Made me work faster as compared to Notepad.


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I use Dreamweaver 4 and have done so for many years. While websites and the associated software have obviously moved on a lot since this particular version of Dreamweaver was developed, I still find it extremely useful and I never use anything else.

My experience of web design has been gained as an enthusiastic amateur and I tend to use common sense when developing my websites to make sure they are clear and tidy and easy to navigate. Basically I think of the visitors I want to visit the sites and I design a site for them which suits their needs. I have a small business (although I am semi-retired now and don't really need a business site) and a few hobbies and every time I design a site for each purpose I find it always comes back to 'keeping things simple'.

While I know my websites are simple, I tend to prefer visiting clear, easy to navigate sites like the ones I produce than something seriously complicated and over-designed that has been developed by a serious creative. Sometimes professional creatives fall into the trap of using their skills and the very latest software to show what they can do, rather than trying to meet the needs of site visitors.


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I've used Dreamweaver for a long time and I keep returning to it. Although Notepad++ is very powerful, getting to that power is troublesome unless you are doing something trivial. So many addons, but few do anything useful with a steep learning curve. Every so often I bounce over to Zend Studio. Its kinda between Dreamweaver and Notepad++ in complexity. I like it for PHP development, but have yet to find a great PHP debugger. I like to use jQuery and javascript. All three of these IDEs work well, but each has its own advantages and quirky drawbacks. Zend Studio has a built-in, and somewhat wonky (and horribly complex, once you dive into it) FTP client. If you use its basic functionality - saving your files to your website - it works well enough. However, if you redesign a website and have to move a lot of files around it is much less appealing. When I get tired of fighting the bizarre behavior in either Zend Studio or Notepad++ addons, I relax with Dreamweaver because it works the way I expect.
I'm using Adobe Dreamweaver for developing html templates.
Amazing tool for drag and drop.
But initially Dreamweaver developed by Macromedia. Very useful for PSD to HTML conversion.


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I never really understood the point of Dreamweaver. Back in the day when I was learning the internet I used to use Microsoft ... I think it was Frontpage... Since then I have used Dreamweaver, but still wonder why :crazy:. I can accomplish more by installing Drupal and write the specific modules I want. Suites my needs...


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I recommend to never stick to using only one editor. Using Dreamweaver along with other programs will make your work more dynamic and give you a bigger picture, plus you won't miss out on any features.


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I feel like creating a good looking website with Dreamweaver is very hard to not possible, it seems too out dated. Anyone want to try and change my point of view?


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I know all of you were interested in previous versions & basic features but there are many hidden features in Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

The best features I liked are responsive & syncing with other Adobe tools like illustrator.
Even behance integration is best feature with cloud.


i used long long time ago, for editing some web site but i remember was complicate , i also try illustrator.... too much complicate need really study a lot.
but i see now for the web site is not so necessary edit the image.


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Depends on the language you are using, but if you are coding in .NET (ex. ASP.NET, Node.js, Python, JavaScript, etc.) you could use Microsoft Visual Studio Express.

this is a great free tool if it's not for a commercial use.