Drupal vs CodeIgniter


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I have been using CodeIgniter all these while, and have solid foundation in OOP languages like Java/Python/PHP. However, I am being forced to switch to Drupal, but I have not have any experience in that, neither do I have any experience working with any CMS.

I understand that Drupal is a Content Management System, and CodeIgniter is a PHP framework, and I have been wondering what are the solid differences between these 2.

1.If Drupal is a Content Management System, does that mean that most of the Drupal modules comes with an interface like wordpress, which allows you to fiddle around a pre-defined set of rules, limited customisation on backend/frontend?

2.To what extent are customisation(if any) available? Would it be required to go through a load of files to change a certain function?

3.Would I need to have a solid programming base to use Drupal?

4.Is it possible to insert Drupal modules as libraries into CodeIgniter? I am aware of <a href="http://drupal.org/node/1247682" rel="nofollow">Ignite Drupal</a>, but I have not tried it yet.

If anyone could share any knowledge on this area, anything I would need to know on the differences between these 2 would be great.