DuckDuckGo search engine


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Quoting my friend " I use this duckduckgo to buy presents for my family on different occasions, so they won't know what the presents are". I don't know if you wont be tracked, but no one would find out at home what are you searching for.


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Besides the fact of the "Not being tracked" feature, the search engine is actually pretty coolio. I mean it actually creates separate tabs for everything possible that might relate to what your searching. For example, you search google, it comes up with the tabs "About", "Images", "Videos", and "Meaning" in order. And if you search up Deadmau5, its comes up with "Audio", "Images", "Videos", "About", and "Products" in order. They engine seems to know whats more important to a user and creates a convenience. That's my opinion, but yea the "Not being Tracked" is bulls***. :)


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I like Duck Duck Go. It seems to have more "real" search results that Google. Google actively censors stuff now :/ Duck Duck Go is what Google used to be. (IMHO)


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It's really nice to see that in this day and age some companies are trying their best to keep our data private. DuckDuckGo is good example of this. I know a simmilar service like this, it's called disconnect search. It uses sites like DuckDuckGo to give you the 'private' search results you so despiratly need.


Duckduckgo is a really nice Google alternative. I haven't looked too much into the special features like bangs yet, but they do look like they might be useful. The problem with DuckDuckGo is that Google still offers better results for me most of the time, but it's always nice to have options. :smile: