Dying languages?



not popular CoffeeScript,
because js includes CoffeeScript benefits


aleksandrmajlo said:
not popular CoffeeScript,
because js includes CoffeeScript benefits

Could you elaborate on that more? How does JavaScript include the benefits of CoffeeScript?

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I don't know it we can consider languages, but almost every app that was presented as "the future of the web" have died dragging to the grave the programming behind them.
Just two of the most important: Adobe Air and Microsoft Silverlight.


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amontes said:
I am a Perl programmer and I can say that younger folks are turning into something more readable as Python or Javascript. There is a horrifing (IMHO) Perl 6 that is nothing like its older awkard Perl 5 sibling. Perl 6 is dying, in fact, it is unborn.

I understand why people are adopting python. I phased out C++ programming and I use python for almost everything now.


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I have seen a decline in hardware specific languages. Things are becoming more web, but further, they are becoming more client-run. So JS, CSS, HTML are being "forced" strong. Whereas server sided languages are becoming less preferred to allow serverless applications/websites. I find this to be very true for static sites which comprise a large part of the web.
I love dynamic websites. I like personalized streamlined web experiences using AJAX or similar technologies. However, most of the pages I see rely on frameworks which I have seen "slowly" making its way into the hardware and caches.
In having said all that, languages like C and Java are used to power the servers and OSs. So, we "see" them less because we are not involved in that aspect of development.
So, if your "hidden question" is regarding which language to learn, I would go for client-side ones; particularly JS.


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As long as banks are running COBOL and other business logic on ancient languages, can't really say any are 'dead'.


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when i think of dying languages (which can take years or even decades) i think of new projects... what are the number of new projects being written in that language?

i feel like php is well on it's way out... i wouldn't say it's being replaced by ruby/rails, but more likely nodejs... it's quite the compelling proposition, people need to know js anyway, so why not just use the js everywhere

i think ruby is still a tool many are grabbing, so it's not quite there yet... rails seems to be one of the fastest ways to get a web application going even now...

perhaps another framework for a more modern and performant language like Go will start taking shape... a few already exist, but not with the cache and userbase of rails


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I honestly think ActionScript is out the door, now that many browsers are choosing to not support flash any longer, Flash and ActionScript's days are numbered and I am not mad about it. It is a gross language and I could never seem to get my head around it.