Eldevin - Have you heard of it?


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Randomly one day, I decided to look for games similar to Runescape because I use to be addicted to Runescape and I wanted to play another game similar to it.

After searching a little in Google, I came across this game called Eleven for steam and decided to play it. It was free, but there were other features you could unlock by paying. The game was still free, and I could still do a lot without paying so I kept playing.

After awhile it got boring to me, I guess, because Runescape got boring for me, too.

I just wanted to know if anyone has ever played this game before. It's kinda fun but not so much when you barely know anyone. It has quite a small community, too.


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Never heard of it. And I wouldn't have heard about runescape either if it weren't for a few of my high school guy friends all being into that game. It looked good but I never understood the meaning/objective of it... But I remember they used to spend the entire class playing it. xD