Electronic program guide (EPG) XAML


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Is there a way to implement <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_program_guide" rel="nofollow">EPG</a> using XAML for WinPhone/WinRT? I saw a lot of iOS/Android/Web apps doing this, but not WP or WinStore.

<li>It should support large number of items (500 channels, N programs for each, where N is number of programs during week) </li>
<li>It can have gaps inside, like some program is missing or no data from whole row, but empty (transparent) row still should be displayed.</li>
<li>Number of items in each row will be always different (thats how EPG works)</li>
<li>Loading should be fast and scrolling smooth. </li>
<li>Memory usage should be normal , app should not crash becasue of many drawn views ie elements need to be virtualized(reused)</li>

GridView looks like something similar, but there are some issues:

<li>to make items different size of items - need to switch itemsPanel to VariableSizedWrapGrid, which not supports virtualization. There are some attempts to solve this issue, like <a href="https://windevgo.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/virtualize-the-variablesizedwrapgrid/" rel="nofollow">this</a> but not native/tested/wide-used solution</li>
<li>not sure that even with VariableSizedWrapGrid it will be possible to support gaps and absence of content, looks like GridView will fill elements in gaps in any case (creating empty transparent items sounds like dirty hack)</li>
<li>many items will be the problem, need to somehow do incremental loading</li>
<li>memory usage / performance desnt looks good</li>

Did someone implement this? Is there any component/guide for this? Which xaml control will allow this and how about performance/memory/time to appear?