Email Spoofing


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I searched for this topic and didn't find anything in the forums. I was not real sure where to post it because of the wide array of places it could be posted. Hopefully this is the right place.

I am experiencing a large amount of spoofing. And while this is a problem for pretty much everyone at some point in time if you have traffic coming to you site.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot that can be done about it.

Here is one guide to help slow it down at least using Horde mail through CPanel.

Stop Spoofing Filters

There is no guaranteed way to keep people from spoofing your email address, though there are several companies working on doing that.

The most viable solution I have seen so far is here Open SPF

The only tool that we have right now is basically the SPF settings available in CPanel.

There are no walk troughs or how to's that I have found that actually work.

However, there are some steps that will help.

I Suggest that anyone having this problem check out these links.
I also suggest that anyone not having the problem, do the same. If you have not had problems, don't get too comfortable. You will eventually.

I hope this helps someone .

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