Encrypted Messaging Apps become illegal?


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So with the UK government at least, this seems to keep creeping up. The idea of making encrypted messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, illegal - In the interest of "national security".

Im curious as to other peoples view points in this. I am far from a tin foil hat user in that I know google scan my emails for content and when I talk to friends - there is nothing id care about being leaked. That said I know some people have heavily confidential uses for encrypted messages - such as big companies perhaps who cannot afford to have certian things leaked.

So for me - Do I care if my discussion is end to end encrypted? No - Not really.

Do I care if the government read my emails? - No, they'll mostly see companies trying to get me to buy adult enhancements drugs/devices that I never asked for.

Would I perfer certain agencies to be able to read my, and everybody elses messaegs, if it means a terrorist attack is less likely - I certainly would!

However - I know its a touch subject, and people want privacy. What's your view?


I have heard about this before with the David Cameron wanting to ban encrypted messages like Whastapp. But I don't think it actually happen because companies will be against it like facebook which use encrypted messages. Even if it did get put in place then there would be so many ways around it with proxies and stuff like that.

I'm not really bothered because they would only read your messages if you are doing something suspicious they won't read some random persons messages for no reason. Anyway people tweet and post everything they do now even illegal stuff which is a bit of a stupid thing to do if you ask me.

That is where you are wrong. Governments are very successful in trapping them. They can see anything they want. There are no proxies that are secured and they can be traced. The government has caught tons of top level hackers who have used this system. Most encryption software is good and hard to crack. But with enough time and resources, it can be done. The way the government looks at things, if you are encrypting your stuff, then you have something to hide. I don't use WhatsApp as its not secured as people may think it is. A few little tricks and I can download all your messages. As for your email accounts, they don't need your password to gain access. They are granted access from the provider such as Hotmail, google etc. They only email they can't get access to is your private emails that you set up under your domain name.

I found the best security is no security at all. I stopped running Anti-virus and firewalls over a decade ago. I found I had less issues with my computers since then. I am also carefull what I download and what sites I go to. If I know something may be infected, I use a VM disk. That way its contained and I don't have to worry about thing.


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strokerace said:
I use a VM disk. That way its contained and I don't have to worry about thing.
That sounds like a great idea! :good: What OS do you use?


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Their rationale is you should have no reason to hide your message unless you're a terrorist, which is rather silly.


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So they want to read our messages under "terrorist activity prevention" title. This is ridiculous logic.


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Everything on the internet is becoming illegal unless it fits into the agenda. The whole "you might be a terrorist" propaganda has gone way out of control. so what if someone whats to encrypt their conversations? why do the psycho-paths incharge feel like they have the right to watch, listen and read everything you do. Privacy is going to be a thing of the past in a few years... its sickining really. Freedom? LMAO


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There is always an option to make your own messaging application if they remove all the apps from stores. Then you have to share it with friends. If someone is willing to do that, keep in mind that you should use best possible encryption. Weaker encryptions might be broken sooner or later.

Also there are several projects on github with this content. If you decide to use it, I'd suggest you to walk through the code and see what the programmer did and also try to improve that code (there is always room for improvement).