Escaping double quotes in php echo


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Hello i am making a site on wordpress where some of the featured images have to be thumbnails of youtube video for that i am using the module Video Thumbnails however i cant seem to get it to work correctly. Using the following code

    if( ( $video_thumbnail = get_video_thumbnail() ) != null ) { 
        echo "<a href=\"<?php echo get_permalink( $id ); ?>\"><img src='" . $video_thumbnail . "' /></a>"; 

i get the image of the youtube video if there is one however the link to the post is broken it shows like this
<a href="<?php echo get_permalink( 15544 ); ?>"><img src=""></a>
\">"; } ?> insdead of the of the link of the actual post which is
i realize that the problem is probably in the escaping however i tried multiple escaping metods like \" or using ' for the echo and " for the actual string hoever i can seem to get it to work i know that my php sucks so i might not be escaping it right i would be gratefull for any advice.