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Does anyone here follow eSports at all?
If so which games/teams/players?

I'm planning on starting a small eSports community and website with news and updates for CS:GO, LoL and Dota 2.

I'm a big fan of Evil Geniuses, a Dota 2 team that just won the biggest tournament of the year "The International 5". But I don't like how immediately after winning, they kicked off a member in favor of Arteezy, a big-time Twitch streamer who used to play for them but was also kicked off.


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I like to watch CS:GO matches Fnatic is the best but i really like Virtus Pro espetially Pasha Biceps, he's awp play is awensome ;P


Since the olympics is right round the corner which is one of the biggest events since every country brings its best atheletes and such to compete and try to win. Believe it or not esports is the newest competitive sport that is joining the olympics. It is called egames and 4 teams will be competing this year britain, america, braxil and canada. This is jsut start of it and by 2020 it will be fully implemented having more than just 4 teams playing.


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As Overwatch League is about to start soon, I'm getting very curious in esports. I watch Envyus (aka Dallas fuel in Overwatch League) play once in a while. I just hope it goes the way Blizzards wants it to. Because they spend all that money and development on Overwatch esports and it would be sad to see it die, before it has even started.