Excellent Web Design Tutorial For Beginners


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I've found a great tutorial that covers designing a web site from scratch. It goes over the basics of HTML and CSS, making use of Microsoft's Expression Web 4 (a free Windows download, the closest free software you'll find to Dreamweaver). This is a great place to start if you want to create a web site but don't know where to start, and you're looking for a basic intro to HTML and CSS.

The course consists of 22 YouTube videos, some of them over 40 minutes long. There are some accompanying materials that you can pay for, although these are not required to complete the course. The course notes say the Expression Web is a 60-day trial, although Microsoft now offers it as a free download on an unlimited basis.

The instruction is very clear and easy to follow, some of the best web instructional videos that I've found, particularly for beginners.

Introduction to Microsoft Expression Web (22 videos)

Here are some of the other free online video series offered:

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (42 videos)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 (24 videos)
Fundamentals of HTML in Dreamweaver CS5 (12 videos)
CSS Fundamentals with Dreamweaver CS5 (33 videos)
Working with HTML5 and CSS3 (9 videos)
Introduction to JavaScript (14 videos)
Introduction to PHP (13 videos)


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Wow thanks I am sure this will help I am going to take part in some of the PHP and JS maybe more. Nice find.


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That's pretty awesome thanks Belltown, particularly considering I'm using MS Expression Web. Will definitely check it out. :good:


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I think there is no substitute for learning how to code from scratch with a text editor. The bottom 3 ones are therefore my favorites. Thanks for sharing belltown.
Just noticed this thread, I hadn't heard of Microsoft's Expression Web 4 before, downloading it now to check it out, thank you for this interesting resource. :good: