Fabulous support - thank you guys

I should just like to make a point of expressing my gratitude for the awesome support you guys here at Gigarank provide.

I had a problem accessing my site due to the main domain needing renewing and rather than giving me a song and dance routine that so many paid hosting companies give one you guys just jumped on to the problem and fixed it up just as quick as you could.

That right there is astonishingly excellent support and I for one am exceedingly grateful for all you guys do here at Gigarank, thank you all for everything you do here, you guys are awesome. :friends::drinks:


Staff member
Well, I am stll new to support and learning a lot. Thanks for a good words, it is always nice to hear that.
From the moderator point of view, I cannot say much all the time, but I try my best all the tme.


Staff member
Thank you for the kind words Briar, it`s always nice to hear appreciative feedback from our community members.