Fake visitors


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I have for some time suspected that some of the visitors from Google that show up in my logs are not real visitors. Now I'm convinced. I'm not talking about the site I have linked here, it's a different site.

If I look at the "Latest Visitors" in CPanel I see many visitors with similar IP (only last part differ) that accessed my site today in a very short period of time. Too short to be a coincidence.
x.x.x.61    11:45:37
x.x.x.250   11:45:11
x.x.x.63    11:44:32
x.x.x.60    11:44:47
x.x.x.62    11:44:45

I have seen similar many times before but not this many at the same time. Most of them has referer set to look like they come from Google.

I also get many visits from these IPs at other times of the day and more spread out. There also seem to be other IP ranges that are doing similar things.

They don't really do much harm except screwing up my statistics and stealing some bandwidth. If they are spammers I don't notice because I have no forms that submits anything to the server.

Almost all of them visits the same page. The page is related to dices so I have been thinking that maybe it has something to do with the mighty gambling industry. Another explanation could simply be that this page is the only one that ranks number one on a few search phrases.

I have too little data to be able to say anything conclusive about the other pages but some of the visits looks a bit suspicious for them too. I have seen visits that are followed by a second visit from a totally different IP, and totally different user agent string, without referer and without fetching script and other additional files. I have also seen visits that start without referer and then it it makes another visit with referer set to google.

So, why are they doing it? Are they just spammers, or does clicking links in the SERP affect the ranking of sites (why would they then click my site?). Or are they not coming from Google at all?