Favorite PS2 Game


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Wasn't the topic favourite PS2 game. x3 Well I'm gonna say it's the Atelier Iris Eternal Mana series. I loved the music, the voice actors and the storyline. I fell in love with the world.


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Persona 3. I really do like Shin Megami Tensei series.


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Teen Titans only because it's my favorite cartoon of all time haha. :p There are some other great games for the PS2, but honestly none of them are better than Teen Titans IMO. Granted I have to admit, the graphics could have been a tad bit better... Sonic Heroes is pretty fun too though! :)


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Fifa and GTA I think are the nice games to play on the PS2 or PS3 or PS4

Fifa 15 I think It is awsome.. and GTA 5 It is super.

If have chance try them .. You will dont regret


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I never have my own PS2, but I have played on emulator :) My favorite game is Persona 4 :D I recommend it for everyone!


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the games I played was more Shinobido, final fantasy xii, resident evil 4, mercenary world in flame, conflict, naruto, metal gear 2 e 3, gta san, black, need for speed \o

much nostalgia :cry: