FIFA 15 Are people still playing this


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Are there still user from this forums playing FIFA 15 after the last update they done .
I was playing it many before the update the so called Price Ranges but I have stopped and have give my account to my friend .
I hate FIFA 15 now I lost so many coins with players I think I lost so 15.000.000 coins after the Price Ranges
So That is why I wanne know if people are still playing or they have stopped playing as well


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People are still playing and they will be. Fifa is changing, but a lot of people say 'yes' for these new updates. And you can do nothing. I've stopped play like you :/


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The only Fifa I owned and played was Fifa 10 for PC. I had a lot of fun playing sport games like Fifa, for mobile phones as well. But didn't feel the urge to play newer titles, especially because of their high pricing.


The last match that I've played was Fifa 16. When I've played with Pes I went crazy, it' better, more realistic.