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My understanding is that we're allowed 60 emails per hour. First question: Is that correct?

I have a guy posting stuff to our db -- each post generates 2 emails: 1 for him, & 1 for me. This should give him an effective ability to do 30 posts per hour.

So, he's been posting, & I just heard from him that he hasn't received the last two (the emails sent also get posted to the db).

I check and I see that in the last hour, he's posted 26 times, which should still keep us within limits...but he also posted some prior to that.

So my next question is what constitutes an hour? Is it by absolute time (say 3:00-4:00) or is there a rolling count (i.e. if we send 10 emails at 3:57, we're allowed 50 more until 4:57)?

I have no problems with whichever way you handle it, I just want to learn as much as to how your email system is set up so we can maximize our effectiveness within the limitations...

Any info greatly appreciated,

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The TOS are very clear on what is allowed. It is also VERY clear in that if you need to use the e-mail services more than what the resources allow, (and that includes the staff's time as well), then you need to find an alternative for managing your e-mails. If you're at the stage of counting the e-mails to the extent you are, then you've obviously reached the limit of your resources and need to look at getting your own VPS.

I checked the server and there are no e-mails lined up for


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First of all, I'm not sure that the ToS is VERY CLEAR in the context of my question. It says:

As a prevention to combat spammers each hosting account is set to allow sending of 60 emails per hour (mailnull, php mail, pop, smtp). If you are sending more your emails will be held in a queue pending delivery, the mail queue is checked daily and all emails sent out are recorded.

I asked if the Hour is defined in canonical time (i.e. 3:00pm-4:00pm) or in relative time (timer starts ticking when first email is sent, no more than 60 can go out within the next hour).

No matter. As my new Support Req indicates, I am trying to set up off-host email handling -- which, when successful, will most likely handle these problematic 'posting emails' as well (which incidentally, are pretty sporadic -- one week, there may be a dozen, the following week 100, the next week none) this is why we're counting so closely when there are a large number so we don't hit the limit.

Anyhow, if I can get an answer as to the SMTP question, I can either take up the current problem with our proposed service or find a different solution that works within the Giga framework/ToS/system...

Many thnx!